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Do you want to use the most Powerful Advertising Medium there is on the Internet today?

Email Marketing has been proven time after time to be the most powerful form of advertising.

New to the Internet? New to Marketing Online? No Problem! This is for YOU!

Marketing Pro? This is the easiest, most professional, powerful and cost effective Marketing Tool you will ever use!

Guaranteed Traffic
Profit Tip!

We guarantee that the amount of emails you order will be delivered in the time you select or we will issue you a pro-rated refund.

Why Choose
The Ad Stand Network?

With TheAdStand.com - You can email millions with a simple click of your mouse.

Imagine sending your email campaigns in text or html to millions with just ONE Click, this will definitely Save You a lot of TIME!

Completely Web-Based. Nothing to download to
your PC.   Everything is completely done by us!

Email Marketing is simple, stylish and surprisingly affordable!

Track the number sent, number of click thrus, and latest refers of your email campaigns.

TheAdStand.com is committed to ensuring your solo email marketing gets delivered.

We use the most advanced methods in the industry to authenticate your email and ensure delivery.

This allows you to focus on what counts:
Your customers.

All Emails you order will be delivered within the time you select or we will issue you a pro-rated refund.

That's it!
Within 72 hours your campaign will begin and you will receive an email
with your login information so you may check your stats. (24/7 live stats!)

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Remember, if you don't advertise a terrible thing happens -

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